Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What Were They Thinking?

 I travel a lot on weekends. And I came across some places that made me wonder who named them! And most importantly what were they on?

      1.       Dadar – Daa-dar – It means stairs, but according to the Indonesian dictionary it means – Omlette   
      2.       Thane – Tha-neigh – It means Prison in Hindi. Why would they name it something like that? 
      3.     Ghatkopar – Ghat-copper – Break it up it means “ghat ke upar” Over the Ghat.
      4.       Andheri –  and-hairy -  Andhera means darkness. Andheri is female darkness?
      5.       Titwala – never mind u got the point ;)
      6.       Pimpri – Pimp-ree – This the ghetto town. Yeah the Detroit of Pune! (I don’t know what it means! But it has PIMP  in its name and that does it for me!)
       7.       Bhosari – I don’t think so I am allowed to explain this here. It’s a slang, lets leave it at that!
       8.       Khadki – Kirkee – just sounds hilarious!

And this is not restricted to India only!
1.       New Zealand/ New York – what was before it was new? Zealand and York? Or Old Zealand and Old York. What does Zealand mean anyway?
                 2.   Sudan – All of a sudan I realize I shouldn’t make fun of this country

thats how our ancestors rolled!! They had a whacky sense of humor.. :)

Ancestor 1 and Ancestor 2 are talking

A1 - Now that we have killed people and won our land. We need to give it a name!
A2 - What should we call this place?
A1 - The girls here look pretty well endowed.. lets call this place Titwala. 
A2 - I likey likey!
A1 - what about this place!?
A2 - hmmm.. lets see. its a little shady and they got gangsta's here. Lets call it Pimpri.

meanwhile in a country far far away...

A3 - What should we call our Country?
A4 - Lets give it such a badass name that people dont know how to pronounce it. and our future generation will laugh their gutts out when people will try to say the name of the country.
A3 - * Czechoslovakia* sorry!!!
A4 - Thats brilliant!! we'll call it whatever you just said!
A3 - What? I sneezed! 
A4 - Czechoslovakia it is!!

This was in good fun if any terrorist is looking for me.  Elvis has left the building. :D


  1. I can't match up to ur intelligence nd knowledge of places and history,but once traveling in train...through the northern somewhere something...there was a small station,

    and name happen to have written in English Chootmalpur,

    i know u get the idea, without the breakdown..