Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy mothers day.

I wrote these following lines for my mother who has been My friend, My guide, My life. 

Happy Mothers day maa.. I hope you like this.

My Mothers hands

Mother, Mother, Mother
Your hands are like no other.
Always there on my head when I took a nap,
Even when I did wrong to discipline me with a slap.
And then she hold me close when I cried,
Wiped my tears while she herself broke from inside.
Her hands were always there when I bruised and bled
To make things better and to tuck me in the bed
She stayed hungry to make sure I was well fed
They taught me how to read and write
Even told me bed time stories 
and fought the monsters under the bed at night.
Kissed my forehead held my hands tight
And put me to bed telling me everythings gonna be alright
Now her weary hands show the hardships they went through to make sure my future is bright
Her eyes sparkle cause now I am no longer her little boy but her shining armored knight.

I love you Mother. Thanks for making me the Man I am today.

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