Monday, 2 May 2011

A Mint leaf - Blind man's point of view

Blogathon Day 2

We see these things on a daily basis because we are blessed with Vision. Close your eyes and navigate across the room, its difficult. But to a blind man, this is routine. In this next post I attempt to describe a Mint leaf to a blind person using my FIVE senses.


Light, small like a feather fits in your palm. Smooth like a baby’s cheek yet wrinkly as an old man’s skin.
Take a smell and it fills your lungs with freshness and in you want some more. Besides the lungs it gives a fresh-shot to your brains and it stays there lingering, opens up your mind with one whiff!
Chew it, it’s a mint blast, freshens your mouth and with a gulp you feel the freshness right to your stomach, highlighting every internal organ on it way…
It looks like the map of Mumbai pointing out the roads and the three railway life lines of Mumbai city stretching all the way through the ends of the leaf.
It is green in color, the color of prosperity, the color of money. The color of morning freshness, when you walk in the park and everything feels like and smells like the first rain!
The rustling of its leaves, when attached to the branches,  sounds like the waterfall fiercely hitting the rocks a hundred feet below except this is a thousand times softer.

Thank you Mrs. Patricia Chandrashekhar you have truly been an inspiration and a guiding light. I dedicate this Blogathon to you Ma'am. 
And also to my loving parents who celebrate their 25year wedding anniversary this month.


  1. Ahil, so descriptive, I can see and smell the mint. Congratulations to your parents on their anniversary and good luck in the blogathon!
    Esther -

  2. Congratulations to your parents on 25 years of marriage. I enjoyed your different ways of describing a mint leaf!

  3. Congratulations to your parents for their silver jubilee celebrations.
    I am also a participant of Blogathon and have come to visit your blog.
    Lets see how it goes. :)

    Nisha - Le Monde-A Poetic Travail

  4. Thank u all for such wonderful comments.
    My parents complete 25years on the 19th of this month. I will pass on the wishes. :)

  5. great work Ahil. keep it up.