Sunday, 1 May 2011

An Apple - A blind man's view.

Blogathon - Post 1

I look at this shiny dark red globe that is always depicted in pictures of the Garden of Eden. It reminds me of Adam and Eve when I touch it. It smells as beautiful as the smell in the park at 6am when the grass and the leaves have bathed in the morning dew. The bright red color mixed with a tinge of orange from Mother Nature’s palette gives it life. When you hold it you can’t help but reminisce about the history its been through from Eve to Newton.
 It gave us an insight into gravity and Steve his Job. It is our best friend, and a Doctor’s worst enemy. A bite into the apple and you hear a crunch like the ball off the middle of Sachin Tendulkar’s bat and then you hear it echo in your head every time you chew and the juices fill your mouth and take over your senses.  One gulp and it urges you for just one more leaving a lingering taste long after its done.
So slice it, dice it, cut it, crush it, peel it, eat it, savor it and put it on your diet list. It’s a faithful friend and a humble servant, a humble servant with its master throughout the year, unlike the king (the mango) who comes to visit his subjects for just three months of the year.
The seeds are like a gun pellet ready to fire up into an apple and destroy all diseases and help build a safer wall of immunity.


  1. I grew up next door to an apple orchard. The scent of apple blossoms is amazing. It's more haunting than any rose because unlike the overpowering aromas of orange and lemon it slips almost unnoticed into your reality, a subtle reminder it is, indeed, spring.

  2. :) I wrote this with an apple in my hand. I grew up in the city never seen an apple orchard in my life.
    I hope you liked the blog.