Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Mayans and MY theory of 2012

All this fuss about 2012 is getting way out of hand.
the mayans predicted “ The world as we know it will come to an end on 22nd December 2012.” How did these guys predict something 5,125 years ago?
well I don’t know if its true or not but I am a non believer. 2012 may not happen at all, but the movie 2012 did bomb, maybe thats wat the mayans predicted "5125years in the future a movie called 2012 will bomb at the box office!!"
Anyway so here is how I picture the whole event that went down 5,125 years ago in a Mayan tribe.

My theory
The year is 4000 BC, Mayan tribe, it’s afternoon time. 2 mischievous kids, !Sksak and ?Musha bunked the jungle school.
!Sksak suffered from ADD (hence the ! before his name. Who has a ! before their name, u ask – Read – russell peters and !XOBILE)
And ?Musha was a Confused Kid hence the ? before his name (Who has a ? before their name. u ask? Its my story, and I feel like it, hence ?Musha!!)
So they just bunked Jungle school and decided to work on their tree house, erm.. well lets just say house, coz those days everybody lived on a tree or caves.
These kids found a coal and a round wheel and decided to play an elaborate prank on their friends but since these kids had nothing to do they decided to pwn people after 5125years..

The conversation went something like this.

!Sksak - ?Musha, come here man.. quick! I got it! I got it!! Yes!! 
?Musha – Calm the F down man! Why are you yelling!
!Sksak – Well we will make our own calendar and freak people out that the world is coming to an end!
?Musha – Uhm.. I’m not sure it’s a good idea. My parents would stone me to death if they found out!
(Those days stoning someone meant todays “go to your room!” and life had no value)
!Sksak – Lets do it to people way into the future.. Like how bout 5125years ahead!!
?Musha – Jesus Christ! Why would you do something like that!!
!Sksak – Jesus? Not for another 4000years man.. Dude chill. I’m telling you some idiots would freak out in that year! It’ll be EPIC!!!
*they go ahead designing the wheel, once its done*

?Musha – I’m still not sure! How would we know if it works!
!Sksak – Uh-oh.. Damn..
?Musha – I gotta run man. My mom is cooking T-Rex for dinner today.
!Sksak – What do we do of this junk now?
?Musha – lets bury it and hope people find it and decipher this  and freak out!

So they do and I am very sure those two kids must be rolling on the floor now somewhr!!
Got it off the Net. Cracked me up!


  1. where the fuck did you get those names from(russel style)??
    good shit dude, except i wonder why did he not use the other side of the coin ;)

  2. i made them up.. and put ! and ? before the names... like i said i got the ! from russel peters and i improvised and included the ? ..
    thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Great post! I truly hated that movie :) Sadly my husband likes it, so I entertain myself by mocking it when it is on television.

    I also don't think the world will end in 2012. The Mayan calendar was cyclical - which is why they made it in a CIRCLE! so it would just begin again.

  4. Dude cool stuff and a gr8 work. And Cooking T-rex for dinner !! that shit was cool!!!

  5. great story............. hehehe

    all the americans here had actually left for home way before 6pm thinking it was better to meet their loved ones one last time.... but i guess, they have to keep meeting now keeping in mind the fact that they dont meet their parents everyday !!! lol