Saturday, 28 May 2011

Blood and Sand.. Honor and Glory.. Fame and Riches...

An Iron is forged in fire, Heated to the temperature to make it stand the test of time, never give up and prove its mettle..
Gold is purified in fire. Heated so that it can come out Pure and hold a higher Value.
A Diamond is initially a Coal. After 1000years of pressure it comes out as a rough diamond. Even then it is cut, polished and then it holds value. It becomes what it is after 1000years patience. 
Even a simple thing as Water must be boiled over a 100degrees to be pure.

Everything has to go through the fire and heat, the pressure and patience to become the person who is strong like the iron, priceless like the diamond and pure like gold..

So now maybe a tough time, a pressure situation with fire and heat from all sides.
For now maybe dark, it maybe painful but it will pave way to a better, brighter tomorrow.
Rough it out. 
Stand up every time you fall.
Stabilize every time you slip.
Pick the pieces and dry the blood, drink the tears every time you break.
Try every time you fail.
That is the true test, the true mark of a Champion. 

Once these times pass and you survive the test with your head held high, broke but dint bow down. Failed but dint give up. When everyone said you couldnt do it, you did it. When everyone said quit, you stuck it out and pulled it through. You stood, with your head held high, bleeding, alone, hurt but Tall. 

For Blood and Sand. For Honor and Glory. For Fame and Riches.
I Stand, I fight, I win..
H.O.P.E.. F.A.I.T.H.. B.E.L.I.E.V.E.. 


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