Thursday, 12 May 2011

Facebook back then...

In 2001

 Status Update - US Government - Our two towers have been hit by planes!
Osama likes this. 
 Osama – Success!!
  Bush – who could be behind this?
Osama likes this.
 Bush – Why is Osama liking everything today!?
 Osama – Snickr! Snickr! Jackass!

Clinton – Lewinsky Scandal
Status Update - BillJust got A Brazilian wax 
Hillary and Monica Like this.

In 2007

Indian Tourism Page _ Atithi Devo Bhava (Guest is God Like)
Status Update - “Today our theme is Mumbai City. Please check out our album.”
100 pictures of Places to Visit while in Mumbai.
Kasab Likes This.
Indian Tourism – Thank you Kasab. Do Visit our country next time your get time. Get a camera to shoot breath taking landscapes.
Kasab – I sure will visit soon :p and get a “camera” to shoot “images”.
Indian Tourism – You can stay as long as you like at the TAJ and we will treat you like a King!
Kasab likes this

April 29th 2011
Osama just updated his country to Pakistan and home town to Islamabad
The CIA likes this
Osama – SonfoBiych!

Zakhir Ur Rehman has sent Osama an invite on Mafia Wars.

British Petroleum likes FISH TANKS

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