Saturday, 7 May 2011

The meaning of India

I'm feeling a little more Patriotic than usual today.

Has anybody ever wondered how towns, cities, countries were named?

Some have a logical explanation -
 Iceland - Land of Ice.
Bangladesh - Country of Bengali speaking people

While some have Historical Explanation -
America - Named after Amerigo Vespucci
West Indies - Named after Columbus discovered a land thought to be India but to the west.

What does India mean?

Before that there are many other things this country is referred to as

"Bharat" - According to the Purans's Bharatvarsha is named after King Bharata.
Of the stories I have heard while growing up.
"King Bharat was a brave king as a kid he used to play with lions, he ushered a bright new era as a king."
Hindusthan - A land where Hindus stay. (This was much before India broke up in 1947)
Land of the Golden Sparrow -  (The Bhagvad Gita c4v7-8) this was before Vasco Da Gama came to India.

Hind/Sind - (944 AD) The land ruled by the Sind and Hind rulers.

India is a rich country, by culture and money, Honey! 
As history teaches us - India was a richer country. And the whole of west - Portuguese, Italy, French, British sent out ships and and captains with crew to look for This rich country.
Finally Vasco Da Gama, from Portugal successfully reached India in 1498.
followed by French and British colonies and 400years of plundering and darkness, more on that later.

So what does India mean?

India - India, The name is derived from Sindhu, River Indus as we better know now. So in short it means The land where the river Indus flows. Indus became India.

More on my Country later.

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