Friday, 6 May 2011

A Royal Wedding and a Funeral.

Last weekend was EPIC. We had A Royal wedding and a funeral. And now that its over don’t you think something is amiss? 

        1.       The Brits have nothing to bet on now. Apparently they even measured the first kiss, it was 0.7 seconds long. They bet on everything from kate’s designer gown to the number of hair strands left on William’s head.  

        2.        The Americans have achieved their 10year dream. So until the point Osama was alive we all had something to look forward to, i.e Nailing that S.O.B. and Now that he’s gone, dead, ka-putt (or so he wants us to believe, while he chills with his best friends Mush and Bush) *Oh no! he dint just say that!* Americans took 10years to capture him but minutes to kill him.

       3.       We Indians on the other hand. Caught our terrorist within 2 days of the incident (Mumbai -26/11/2008) and have kept him alive for almost 3years. I pay 10% of my salary as taxes to keep him alive! We take our Indian tourism motto very seriously “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “The Guest is to be treated like God!”
Our terrorist is given a trial to defend himself. Note – he was caught on camera killing people. He denies that was him and the case carries on. He has hired OJ Simpson’s lawyers.

So what do we do now? No more wedding until Harry decides to marry, which by the Grin on his face and the look in his eyes on the day seemed like the day would be NEVER. He doesn’t want to suffer from the condition - ONE-GINA.
No more terrorists to be caught. Unless India is proactive and traces down 2,359* (and counting) terrorists and executes them.


  1. hahaha! good one ahilarious!

  2. amusing. have a suggestion for your blogathon. do a piece on the Namaste. It's fascinating and the firangs will appreciate it. can send you something I've written. will have to dig for it though.