Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Deciphering Movies - Bruce Almighty

We all loved 'Bruce Almighty'. Who dint? I mean if i could be God for sometime I would right some wrongs.

But this movie can be real. No You wont be God for a day. Think about the movie in your head for a minute.

The premise was - A reporter, Bruce - keeps cursing God. Fails in his job, loses his girl and is a total loser.
Until he meets God who gives him all his powers, and he changes his life overnight and realizes the meaning of life. How can this happen to you?

Let's rewind a bit. Bruce has lost everything - Job, Girl, self respect and is depressed, He goes to a dark alley, where he meets a Black Man - his thug/street name was probably 'God' coz he gave everyone "power" (cocaine) So this black man from a shady alley hooks him up with some drugs (power) and bruce is happy (hallucinating) now. He is so high he thinks he has got his job back and is a God himself. (He is probably hooked to a needle somewhere, in reality) He cant get his girl back Coz he cant mess with "Free Will" (she probably has a restraining order against him or something)

Finally he is too high and walking towards "God" and a truck slams him and the next thing you see he in the hospital (Rehab getting cleaned) He is sober now (Powerless) and gets his job back, his girl forgives him etc. Still hallucinates he was God once.

Now you know. :)

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