Thursday, 12 January 2017

Social Media - No longer a Boon.

Facebook, as we all know, is the leader of social media platforms. The platforms are filled with sites that engage you in the fields you can most identify with. For example, A photo blogger/photographer would most identify with Instagram, a person who wants to segregate their life into parts would go to let us say Pinterest and people looking to connect with other professionals, of course, LinkedIn. In a plethora of social media sites, we also have Twitter, best to connect with your desired celebrities or raise complaints and grievances, maybe? Then there is Snapchat for photographs and Quora, in case you are looking for answers, previously Yahoo Answers was the go-to site. I could go on.
There are some which successfully made it, like the above mentioned few and then there are some that couldn't or died their natural death like the ex-kings of social media - MySpace and Orkut, recently we hear Vine is joining that list of dead social media sites. Meanwhile, there are some like Google + failed that failed to take off the way Google wanted to.
At first, these were part of our daily lives. Now, however, they have sadly become our lives. With all of the above-mentioned making their way into our phones via apps. Like I always say, "the smarter the smartphone, the dumber the person using it." But the smartphone bashing topic is a different subject for a different day. As I was saying, social media has become our life. And we have all gotten addicted to most of these sites. I myself am an addict, which is the point of this blog.

I saw this brilliant video which is the crux of this blog. 

Of all the social media sites, the most addictive and the one I was particularly addicted to is FaceBook. No this is not one of those posts telling you the evils of Social Media and pedophiles tracking your kids or murders and thieves tracking your check-ins on facebook to know where you are. No! Read on...
Started by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 this site has constantly evolved itself every few years to keep the interest alive, unlike its predecessors Orkut and Myspace.
Now don't get me wrong this is not an FB bashing post. I love Facebook and have earned from it by being a Social Media Executive for a top agency for a top brand. So I try not to be preachy when I say this - Facebook can be detrimental to your self-confidence. I'll explain how.

There are many times you have logged into Facebook and seen your friends visiting places, getting married, having kids, attending concerts. In general having a ball. This makes you take your life into perspective and wonder where your life is headed, even tough you may be doing better than most of those friends partying every Saturday night. That is because people on Facebook show you only one side of their life - the fun side. Nobody, none of your partying friends will ever crib about an illness, a debt, shitty work life on Facebook that is because none want to lose Face in front of their friends and relatives. Which is fair knowing how distant cousins and relatives will judge your life through that small window that is Facebook. This, in turn, creates a pressure on us to keep up the charade of winning in life and judge ourselves when you see your friends doing better than you, which is never the case.

We live in a world that makes us believe on an individual level that we are all meant to succeed in life. That we are the Hero, this life is our movie and all around us are here to help us succeed. Then, reality strikes... After college, you begin to realize that you're a cog in the wheel of a much bigger picture and this is when we turn to Social Media to assert to us more than anyone else, that your life is happening.
While going to a movie or concert we are more interested in the check-in on Facebook rather than the event itself. During a show or a sports match we no longer want to enjoy the event but click a picture and post it for likes/retweets. As humans we have forgotten how to enjoy the moment, we are more interested in capturing it.
We forgot how to go out and enjoy and that is the biggest curse of this generation.

“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.” 
― Confucius

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