Saturday, 12 May 2012

How to be an award winning copywriter

Copywriters - defn. (cant be a verb coz they dont DO anything) - a spoilt brat, devil child who messes up everything in an agency and blames it on the servicing guy.

How to be an award winning writer in 10 steps

1. Do extensive 'research' on adsoftheworld. com - that will help you get "inspired" from what others are doing all over the world.

2. Use dictionary. com or microsoft word to correct your spellings.

3. Twitter. com to practice writing in 140 characters or less.

4. Tubmlr. com or any blogging site to post your views (all copywriters feel they are far better at life and philosophy than Aristotle, Socrates and somewhere Einstein knew less than them)

5. Post 9gag pictures onto facebook (coz nothing says i am cool as much as posting troll updates on fb)

6. Punch a servicing guy when your copies suck and you cant take the blame so blame it on the servicing guy for not being able to sell it. (this will help in de-stressing)

7. Correct your art guy's creative - coz Michelangelo and Da Vinci were your students at one point.. you obviously know more than them..

8. Come drunk to office or go out for regular smokes - coz thats what  all copywriters do and frankly you cant think without a smoke..

9. Talk about instagram and pinterst - they are the in things, talk about it even if you care a squat about it...

10. Watch Madmen and say you start hitting on every moving thing in your vicinity - if Don can do it.. so can I!!

Follow these steps and you shall one day be the whats what in the ad world!

PS. I am not a copywriter.. coz I still have a soul.

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  1. I have done almost all these things and I still don't have an award!! :-/

    Plus, I am a copywriter AND still have a soul. ;)