Thursday, 24 February 2011

Explosions of an IDLE MIND!

When a normal person is sitting Idle he thinks of many things.

Guys think - SEX, women, SEX, food, sleep, SEX, seX-BOX, EPL, SEX, women..... etc

Girls think - does this dress go with that shoe? what must he be doing right now? he hasnt called yet! he must be with HER! i knew it i couldnt trust her.. its all his fault (meanwhile the poor guy is doing something important somewhere)

So today when i was sitting Idle I started thinking and a lot of useless thoughts and questions arose.. 
DISCLAIMER - If you have some other important work please feel free to use the "X" on the top right corner of your browser..EXPLICIT CONTENT kids log off here!

if you are still reading this.. Good! you are as jobless as I am! Get ready for the most useless 5 minutes of your life.. I promise this is more Interesting than Saat Khoon maaf and Tees maar Khan although there is no Sheila but you are free to picture her while reading this!

and so here we go - 

Explosions of an Idle mind..

Somehow my mind wandered off and i started thinking about cartoons and Superheroes.
and a few not so obvious questions arose.. So i decided to put them up ..

1. Why doesnt the "Incredible Hulk" have stretch marks on his body when he is Bruce Banner?
2. What happens if Bruce Banner gets angry while having sex?
3. What happens when THE INCREDIBLE HULK is done having sex? does he turn back to Bruce Banner?
4. Is Superman that fast in bed too?
5. who is faster in bed?  FLASH Gordon or superman?
6. If Incredible hulk faced The THING (from fantastic four) who would win?
7. If GOKU faces LUI KANG who would win?
8. Why does Donald duck wear a towel when he comes out of bath whereas he roams without his pants otherwise?
9. Why does Batman have that stupid accent? I mean dumbass you have covered your face - nobody knows you are Bruce Wayne.. Drop the accent you wannabe!
10. How stupid are people of Metropolis - all Superman has to do is change his hairstyle and remove his specs and people dont recognize him!? 
11. Why Are you guys still here?!

If you are thinking too please help me find the answers!
If you are offended and think how stupid is this then -  I Warned you earlier - now who is stupid?!


  1. Answer to question 10 - Please refer to the DOCUMENTARY 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'.

  2. if The Hulk met The Thing (from Fantastic Four)
    The Thing would win ......(at limbo-ing)

  3. now this is ridiculous,
    today I was about to start on my new writing assignment,now I'm feeling like a so low grade curiouser and a dumb ass, that will sit and read..all u got up here..facebook sucks..through walls and links posted on it